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Logica Celata, the concept that reveals a new kitchen experience

A single gesture is all it takes to release the innovative power of Logica Celata, the latest brainchild resulting from ingenious research aimed at reinventing ergonomics.

Thanks to an advanced, counterweight balancing mechanism the door glides gently upwards to reveal the whole work area: a large, fully-customizable space.


video preview of Logica Celata

Various interior options are available including a bar, a storage, a food preparation area or a kitchen with functions and accessories designed to meet its specific needs. A configuration in which everything is ready to be used as efficiently as possible and then disappears completely when no longer needed.

Lightly and noiselessly, reminiscent of an ancient sallet – the helmet that used to completely cover the head of medieval knights – at the end the door closes flush with the underlying base units.

Logica Celata reveals a kitchen

Valcucine Logical Celata v2.png

Logica Celata reveals a bar

The bar stands out from the other Logica Celata configurations because it is an all-Italian tradition typical of the Italian way of life, touching conviviality and intimacy and the public and private spheres.

4 valcucine-moscova-2147-1024x682.jpg
5 valcucine-moscova-01-1024x682.jpg

Valcucine Moscow.

Once shut, Logica Celata becomes an elegant piece of furniture that is further beautified by Vitrum Arte customised surfaces: a special technique developed by Valcucine to reproduce inlaid designs on glass.

6 valcucine_stand_rho-2354-1024x683.jpg
7 valcucine_stand_rho-2353-1024x683.jpg

Just like a compelling picture, the “Camparisoda, con noi sempre e ovunque” advert created for Campari in the 60s by Franz Marangolo, an illustrator from Milan, is freely interpreted in a playful style that expresses all the love of life typical of that decade.

To learn more about Lociga Celata, please contact our design consultants via the contact information below:

DOM Interiors NYC

66 Crosby Street

New York, NY 10012

(212) 253-5969

DOM Interiors Minneapolis

275 Market Steet

Minneapolis, MN 55405

(612) 341-4588

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