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Building Sustainable Kitchen Cabinetry

Speaker: Principal of DOM Interiors

This course examines the real and immediate need for ecologically sustainable design in interior furnishings; the ways in which this can be achieved through choice and use of materials within the context of cutting-edge, people-friendly design that seeks to realize elegance in aesthetics as well as function. From completely recyclable kitchens fashioned in glass and aluminum to sustainably produced staircases, doors, closets, and more, we will take a look at the options and resources available today to create a truly green and well-designed tomorrow.

Learning Objectives

To operate with respect to the environment and to pay back to the environment. Ways to do this are by using recycled materials, dematerialization, reforestation, and more.

To create aesthetic innovation through principles that avoid fashion (which can be fleeting), encourage diversity of finishes, materials, and volumes, designing lightness (dematerialization), and customization to create a sense of ownership for the individual.

To define sustainability in relation to cabinet work - efficiency and dematerialization (technological ways to do that), and how to build a business on a foundation of sustainability.

To bring awareness to usability in cabinetry design and ergonomics, principles that respect humankind - including the workers who make the products and the end user. Cabinetry that strives to reduce or eliminate VOCs, using water as a solvent, and the design and engineering of products that respect human comfort and movement.

Hosted by​


DOM Interiors Minneapolis


Chef Terry John Zilla will be providing hors d'oeuvres and prosecco will be served

Thursday, February 28th

Open House 9:00am–4:00pm

Presentation 4:00pm–5:00pm


International Market Square,
275 Market St. Suite 145



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